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One of our clients wanted a brand new website with full online order functionality for customers. As we have done with many websites we decided to use the core c5 cms as our building blocks for our brand new EpoS (Electronic Point Of Sales) system. We decided to take the system to the next level and create a full online solution for online ordering for both the public user and the client/website owner.


Please check out some of our cool EpoS features:

Client side Features:


  • One-page Secure Checkout
  • 3-click Ordering
  • Full order history
  • Login, Order and share your orders using your Facebook account.
  • iPhone/iPad/Ipod and mobiles device friendly
  • And much more...


Website Owner Features:


  • Real time instant notifications of new orders.
  • Touch screen compatible admin panel
  • iPhone/iPad/Ipod and mobiles device friendly
  • Manageable categories and sub categories
  • Add, remove and edit attributes
  • Full stats including sales and traffic
  • Full PayPal integration
  • "Cash up" function - Print out the takings for the day, week, year
  • Highly pluggable payment system
  • Promo campaigns
  • The ability to add offers and promotional codes and % off items.
  • Automatic delivery calculations using Google maps
  • And much more......


If you would like any more detailed information on the EpoS software we have created, please feel free to contact us : info [at]