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Qompetence is a service aimed at unburdening and optimization of financial discipline in her clients. On the basis of three types of service (Qomfort, Qompetence Finance Academy and Secondment & Interim Management) clients are supported in successfully achieving their goals.


Qompetence focuses broadly on four sectors:

Banking & Insurance;

Trade & Industry;

health care;


This means that within Qompetence which business knowledge is available that is specific to your industry. The advantage of this is that employees Qompetence can combine their financial and technical expertise with knowledge of your business and thus be a full partner.

Focus on Finance

The finance function within organizations has evolved in recent decades from an isolated discipline, a discipline that is integrated into the overall business. That means Qompetence with its focus on finance has developed a vision that one-on-one matches the finance function within an organization.

The modern financial and thus also a modern financial service provider Qompetence not only focuses on the financial numbers but puts them in a broader perspective by including attention and expertise include strategy, compliance, treasury, risk management, leadership, ICT and digital business models.


The term "quality" state within Qompetence paramount. While in practice at quality refers to certain characteristics of the product or service Qompetence goes a step further in that. Quality of service is within Qompetence based on four pillars: listening to external and internal customers, meet prescribed explicit and implicit expectations, research or expectations change over time and provide additional services.

This vision is reflected in both the interim professionals, the manner in which implementation is given to projects and communication and coordination with the client.