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About the importance of proper information within a company we do not have it. Without reliable and timely data on customers, orders, projects and logistics you never know exactly how things are with your organization stands for. And that takes time and money.


Good information starts with a fully integrated system that supports all your departments from finance to planning and from order entry to logistics. Rainbow Solutions has been twenty-five years in the development and delivery of integrated, industry-specific business information systems for the logistics sector and the graphic arts. Our specialized solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft's many business solution used. This ensures the most modern technology of a global player and leader in software. Rainbow Solutions combines this with a quarter century of experience in your specific industry.


With our software you play optimally to evolving or new customer requirements. Both in logistics and in the graphic arts customers looking for added value in the form of additional services. Our business-specific solutions for your industry, you can already efficiently run your new and existing processes and easily putting new services into the market. For example, our software creates a strong foundation for growth and business success.