ECommerce Safran Tours

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Safran Tours is a french travel agency. We made an easy to understand website with a pleasant user experience to facilitate booking of stays in France and Europe.

▸ The project

It aimed to completely redesign her design guideline with a new logo. Then, we incorporate a multilingual and easy-to-use e-commerce interface in order to facilitate and improve booking experience in France and Europe. 

▸ Visual Identity

Based on our previous work we operated on the new logo, we fine tuned an unique visual identity which reflects the travel agency’s values.

▸ User friendly website

We mixed up several functionalities specific to this activity area with an attractive design with the objective of making the most comfortable website browsing.  Obviously, this has been thought accordingly to the customer requirements and habits.

▸ Travel description pages

In order to clearly present every travel, we created detailed travel description pages with iconography, maps and summary.

To get the best of user travels and experiences, Safran Tours gives the hand to their customers. The website integrates now a rating system with comment boxes which allows the customers to share their experience and evaluate the travel online.

▸ Mobile first 

As a trademark of our way to work at 6tematik, Safran Tours website is mobile-first designed.