Satyam Property Dealers

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Harish Jaiswal came to me after he found out about another property dealer whose online presence was generating significant income for them. He wanted to know if we could create an online presence for him that would help drive customers to his door.

Harish did not own a computer and was mostly internet illiterate. He needed a website that accurately represented him and his services that also allowed him to make weekly updates to his property listings himself.

We spent two weeks researching and demoing CMS's until we stumbled on to Concrete5. Within 10 minutes we knew we had found not only the perfect CMS for a computer illiterate client but the CMS that we would choose to use for all our future projects.

Concrete5 has enabled Satyam Property Dealers to maintain a quality web presence and driven over 50 new customers to their door in the last 8 months.

Add-Ons & Themes

Natural Essence

Wood, brown, gray and white - Modified by Steven Braun at C5 Theme Park



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