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The story of Solate:  Solate was a brilliant pup. I raised her from 8 hours old. Peed and pooped her and all of her sisters. The bond never lessened; only got stronger from that point on. She was kinder and gentler than any human being in my life. She was an expressive individual who spoke and shared her needs,aches and pain with me. She was a 65# pit/whippet mix that expressed when it was time for bed,when it was time to eat and, when it was time to just cuddle.


After becoming diabetic, and needing to go out at two-hour intervals, Solate would gently paw me to wake me. If that didn't work she used two paws with small quiet whimpers. Then, if I wasn't awakened, came the outside voice.  Solate was playful. Loving and craving to carry her 12#  bowling ball around the yard or playing in and under a tarp with her sisters. Sometimes playing Hide-N-Seek. They all loved sitting in their built-in pool together.


To the end, after only nine years, Solate was a tender and gentle pup. She came to me when she wasn't feeling well and just wanted me to hold her. Her Spirit is extremely lively in my heart which holds a place only Solate can mend and care for.


So, in honor of Solate, I am incorporating the love of motorcycling with the love I have for Solate.  The T-Shirts I have created are for those who have completed the basics of learning to ride a motorcycle. As a celebration of accomplishment of freedom. The T-Shirts will be designated for each year the classes are completed. With the sales of these shirts a generous portion will be donated to a select animal shelter. Namely, Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois. The Administrator is a Chicago Firefighter. Todd, along with his daughter, has used his life-savings in this creation to protect animals. Please check out his Facebook page and 'like' it so Todd knows people are interested in his mission.

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