Strattec Security Corporation

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Strattec Security is one of Milwaukee's largest publicly traded corporations. As the trusted industry leader in automotive locks, they needed a company equally as trustworthy when they wanted to put their new Bolt line of locks on the Web. Bceause Concrete5 didn't exist at the time, Trivera built a powerful, custom, ecommerce-enabled site for them on their preferred platform, Wordpress. So successful was that effort, that when it came to launch their new Component Solutions division, they trusted Trivera to build that brand's critical first website as well, also in Wordpress  

After earning their trust, Trivera was given the task of updating Strattec's corporate site to a fully responsive experience. But by this time, Concrete5 had been incorporated into Trivera's product offering, and so the decision was made to build that site in C5. The Component Solutions site is currently being rebuilt in Concrete5, and the plan for 2016 is to migrate the Bolt lock site to Concrete5 5.7.