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The salt spreaders, gritting, spreaders and fertilizer spreaders of Earthway come in different versions. Red spreaders with three holes in the bin and blue spreaders with a big hole in the bucket. The models 2050P, 2050SU, 2030 and 2170 and C24HDS are our best selling models. In addition, the 2040PI + 2130 and very popular in the winter months and especially abroad.

... Spreaders and seeders. Spreaders for winter gritting HINTS (salt spreaders) and gritting for all other seasons HINTS applying fertilizer, grass seed and lime. Earthway a spreader or spreader comes in many different models. The wide product range offers customers the opportunity to choose desired.
The Earthway fertilizer spreaders have all the patented 3-hole system (3-hole drop system) called EV-N Spred a uniform spread pattern. The Earthway salt spreaders have the 1-hole system called the High-Output (for sand and split and relatively humid salt). Both provide a uniform spread pattern.

You can reach us through many different Earthway related domain names that belong to us and we use the so-called 'marketing tool':,,,, www.,, and

Hand spreaders, gritting, spreaders, salt spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, gritting salt, sprinkle carts are certain names that are typed in as a search name on the Internet. As well as of one handstrooier, gritter, spreader, salt spreader, fertilizer spreader, spreader and strooikar. Therefore we have in this 'genre' a number of domain names claimed by our marketing supports it:,,, and (which all focusing on the Netherlands and Belgium). For other countries, we have in this category the following domain names as, and

For all your hand spreaders and salt spreaders, but also your spreaders and gritters and sprinkle carts you as a trader, dealer, shop, shop, distributor, sales agent, cooperative purchasing and catalog shopping business with us. We are importer and wholesaler and Master Distributor of Earthway.

For all your questions regarding spreaders and salt spreaders in general, you can always contact us. For questions about small spreaders and hand spreaders you are at the right place. For questions about fertilizer spreaders and sprinkle carts, we are your partner and supplier.

Spare parts are in stock.