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As requested by the client a custom template has been built, optimized for various screensizes & sharing options. The full layout & all block templates are based upon a custom bootstrap grid.


The website consists of two pagetypes for presenting either content or an overview of sub-pages. Pages are added to present collection items and/or news articles.


Each page is optimised for sharing through the use of OG tags. These OG Tags hold information from the Concrete5 page attributes such as the page-title, thumbnail image, page description, sharing description and use a shortened url.


The above mentioned page attributes are also presented on the content page and used to present a page introduction (& sharing functionality) on the overview pages. The content pages can also display a back-ground image around the content, which is also served from page-attributes.


The overview pages are a page-type which have a wider content area, in this content area there's a page-list block which a custom template.


The left side of each page holds photoframes; this is an image gallery block, loaded presented through a fileset. The custom template for this gallery uses a jquery script for responsive placement. Each frame size based on a percentage which is set through file-attributes, here the editor can also set an internal or external link for each image. The display order is set in the fileset itself.


To enhance the frontend editing options for both the content page attributes and the picture frames throughout the site, this website uses frontend packages by JohntheFish; Frontend file manager, Frontend file upload & Frontend attribute editor.


Behind login there's functions added for internal usage; employee hour registration & registering for workshops. We'll be expanding this site in the short future to register shop clients, newsletter sending & frontend order forms for specific products. We have no plans to make it a full online store, this boutique stands for personal in-store styling, service & sharing in the local community.


p.s. as the client has the option to place their own images; some of them are quite large; thus not fully mobile-optimised. Luckily these issues will be solved with Concrete5.7.

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