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Kohinoor Jewellery specialized in custom hand-made jewellery designs.

Add-Ons & Themes

Example FAQ

Adds a basic page-based FAQ system to a website. Used in the Example FAQ Single Page How-To.


Clicky Web Analytics

Add real time web analytics to your web site in minutes with the Clicky Web Analytics add-on.


Solid Black

Professional black theme with three column support and additional CSS styles for highlighting content


Power Slider Lite

Get a header image slider with 'power phrases', next/prev buttons, and pagination for FREE


Page List Title

Add Titles to the Page List Block and Filter Results by an Additional Page Attribute.


Automatic Email Obfuscator

Automatically obfuscates all the e-mail addresses on your site to a form that most spambots cannot read.


Block Quoter

Add block quotes or testimonials to your pages with correctly formatted citations and attributions.