Tomaso's Italian Restaurant

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Previoulsy on an outdated C5 version and using DotAwesome Warm. I recently launched a site for their sister restaurant,, using Grounds and they loved it and asked me to revamp their website to use Grounds as well.

Add-Ons & Themes

Premium Google Map

The premium Google Map lets you add a KML data file and specify additional unavailable in the regular Google Map block.


Get Directions

Get Google driving directions to a preset location from a user-entered address.


Scribd Documents

Display any document (pdf,word, powerpoint,etc) directly in your page


Dashboard Maximizer

Set your Dashboard pages free! This add-on injects some fluid-friendly CSS into your Dashboard pages to enable better use of screen real-estate on larger, high-resolution monitors.



Earthy Toned theme with support for eCommerce and ProBlog!