Vcheck Solutions - Checks by Pho

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While we have migrated several sites into Concrete5 at this point, this was the primary site that made us look around for an easy to use CMS. It was the first site we started, but the last to finish due to the amount of content and the special functions we kept adding as we went along.

This site uses numerous add-ons, both free and paid. Each added great functionality to the presentation.  One screenshot is the home page of the site, the other is the same page with annotations as to most of the add-ons used.

I would encourage anyone new to Concrete to take some time and review all of the Free add-ons available - many are top-notch. Some of the more functional add-ons can be purchased for a nominal amount.

If I can edit this submission, I will come back with additional screenshots of other pages to show how the other add-ons are used that are not covered in the home page screenshots.

Add-Ons & Themes


Add pixel controlled space to your block areas easily.


Area Splitter

The Area Splitter block lets you split any area you want into any number of sub areas



Displays breadcrumb navigation as a block


Save Area To PDF

Add the Save Area to PDF block to generate a pdf file of the entire area in which it is added.


Mega Menu Vertical

Vertical animated fly-out menu with multiple tiers plus site search & login integration.


Popup Pro

Display text, photos, video, Flash and more in a flexible popup overlay.


Print My Page

A block made for printing your page. Has a back end css setup and supports custom print image and text. Made for global unity with ease.


Cube Testimonials

A package which allows creation, management and display of testimonials on your Concrete5 website.



Responsive and customizable theme which includes several premium add-ons.