Verdura Gardens

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Larry and Caroline came to me with some custom artwork (a logo and color pallete) and a theme (Radius). So the fun began! 

We customized the hell out of Radius. But, it was coded really well by the guys at Formigo, so edits were a breeze. 

After a month of back and forth the clients were left with a beautiful website, easy to update pages and blog posts, and a simple eCommerce solution even they can add products to. They love their site, and I love building on C5. ;)

Add-Ons & Themes


eCommerce for your concrete5 site. The official eCommerce add-on makes it easy to add and update products.


ProBlog - Professional Blog

Pro Blogging features for your Concrete5 website. Add multiple blogs and authors to your Concrete5 website. Brought to you by


Designer Content

A tool for designers to create custom block types, thus making it easy for users to edit visually complex content.


Zone Based Shipping

Massively flexible shipping calculation using customer location and product parameters.



Professional, Clean, Modern and Responsive Theme Packed Full of Features.