Villas Cavo Marathia

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For this project I was asked to build a responsive page for the apartments of some friends.

They wanted their visitors to be able to book the apartments directly online and represent their business in a modern, but still warm, welcoming and friendly way.

I created most of the page in a multi lingual setup, adapted the theme and added aditional styles to fix the plugin problems for mutiple devices.

The final SEO, Content and page layouts were then revised and improved by another design agency as the attention on the project went down from my friends side for more than a year and when the attention came up again and they wanted to finish is, I had not enough timeat that moment, so I handed it over to the other agency and they finished it very nicely.

Add-Ons & Themes


Makes it easy for your visitors to bookmark and share your content with others.


Premium Google Map

The premium Google Map lets you add a KML data file and specify additional unavailable in the regular Google Map block.



Add flare to comments on your site. Let users add a star rating (1-5 stars) with their comments.



Based on responsive Bootstrap 3, from Twitter. 21 page types, 18 auto-nav templates, 17 color combinations (bootswatch), composer and eCommerce support


Bootstrap Buttons

The most advanced button add-on available anywhere. 50 included colors, customizable colors, 5 sizes, 6 shapes, 350 icons, modal and popover support.


Bootstrap Image Gallery

A responsive, retina ready image gallery that features 12 styles, mouse/keyboard navigation, transition effects, slideshow, CDN support and more.


Bootstrap Carousel

A responsive image slider with title, caption and link support based on bootstrap from twitter.


Devoda Bootstrap Blocks

Awesome Bootstrap ready Block Types. Very powerful "Button" and "Progress Bar" Block Types, and 11 others!