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- I want a very small site with 3 pages" said the client.

- "Only 3 pages ?" I replied.

- "Yes, but I want to be able to edit them, because I want to add videos and pics; and testimonials on another page, and also some advice about using fireworks, and a contact page".

"All that in 3 pages ?"

- "Hum, well, yes. And it should be the same system you installed on our other site,, because I don't want my employee to learn another system. And the website should be number one in Google for "feu d'artifice mariage".

- "With 3 pages only it's going to be difficult. But we can design something that can be easily extended, because if you want to be n°1 then you will need some good content : videos and pics but also copy. So, Concrete5 is indeed a good choice."

- "Ok, deal".

They did not mention it, but I knew it had to be cheap. As it turned out, the project was a little more expensive to build than expected, but the result was good and the client happy. We'll see if we rank 1st in 6 month !