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The project went through a looong timeframe. We had little time for ourselves... Various designers were involved, including the famous and renowned Steph Hider who gave us a hand at some point. There's nothing like an outsider when it comes to thinking outside the box. 

This is based on an older C5 version, back when it did not have multilingual abilities. The English page is a bit empty, you might want to look at the pages in French instead. http://witwag.com/fr/accueil/

We use our own addons for the most part, built specifically for this site (like the tabs system on french homepage) however we gladly added some other addons from the marketplace. 


Add-Ons & Themes


Makes it easy for your visitors to bookmark and share your content with others.



Insert an IFRAME as a block, to embed content from another URL.



Place an image from the file manager in the background of your page, stretched to fill the browser window. Resizes with the window and changes orientation for iPhone.


Fancy Image Links

Use images from your library to create links to files, pages, urls, filesets, or images and display them in a fancybox pop-up. Great for displaying youtube videos, linking to pdf's, or displaying a simple fileset gallery.


Power Slider Lite

Get a header image slider with 'power phrases', next/prev buttons, and pagination for FREE


Manual Nav

Manually choose pages for a navigation menu.


Automatic Email Obfuscator

Automatically obfuscates all the e-mail addresses on your site to a form that most spambots cannot read.