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Yoga Teacher Central had been struggling with another membership add-on and wanted to have a more flexible solution that would allow them to:

- accept payments by cards directly on the site (no more back and forth with the payment processor)

- set up a series of different recurring plans

- fix the issues they were having with the other add-on

- operate a smooth transition between the old system and the new so as not to penalize existing customers

The solution developped used api as it is one of the best ones around.

It uses custom javascript and php validation.

None of the financial data submitted by users is saved on the server for added security. Everything is saved on the client's Stripe account.

On the server, all sensitive connexion data is encrypted.

All connexion attempts between the server and Stripe are double checked for consistency.

The whole system uses ssl

The membership plans are taken directly from Stripe so there is no need for back and forth between Stripe and the Add-on dashboard interface


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