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The website was first build in static HTML but soon it became clear that the site needed regular updates for upcoming events. This involved a lot of programming for the whole site and adding a page was a lot of work. The customer wasn't to happy for the hours to pay and for me it was boring to do this work instead of starting new projects.

So I introduced him to Concrete and installed the whole site in a day. Another day was needed to update the content. What was a total blast. It's much more enjoyable to work at the site's content and at the end of the day it is the total control of the content and the website that makes it great to work with Concrete5. 

People that I introduce to Concrete5 are totally stunned by the ease and simplicity of it. The learning curve is almost flat and no time is wasted.

Add-Ons & Themes

Premium Google Map

The premium Google Map lets you add a KML data file and specify additional unavailable in the regular Google Map block.



Featurist is a concrete5 business theme for featuring your product or service.