Greenacre Pre-school

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This was one of my first c5 websites. The original site was designed in raw html/css but had a requirement for zoned editable areas.

It was this requirement that led my reasearch to c5. I adapted the site to a c5 theme by following the video instructions and the site launched successfully a few years ago.

I've now just completed an overhaul of the site.  The client loves the CMS and so needed to have all of the site editable, I wanted make it responsive and upgrade versions.

We wanted to keep the bespoke navigation (Doris) and so this was made so it would be visible on desktop but revert to a clear traditional navigation for mobile.

A gallery was added utilising the responsive gallery addon (great) and a guestbook to gather parents feedback (good for ofsted).

A blog was added to handle the news.

The whole thing sits on an html5 Boilerplate theme foundation.

The client loves it.

Add-Ons & Themes

Maintenance Editor

Allow users with edit permissions to view and edit pages while in maintenance mode.


Blueberry Image Slider

A Responsive jQuery Image Slider based on blueberry (