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The HandsOnTurkish project started last year when five organisations were given the green light to develop a vocational course of Turkish to meet the need of European businesses dealing in Turkey or with Turkis businesses.

Companies in Europe are attracted to Turkey as a supplier for textiles, electronics and other products, and they are keen to enter a huge untapped growing consumer market. In fact, Development Agencies throughout Europe are actively encouraging businesses to engage with Turkey, which is emerging as an economic powerhouse and an engine for “new growth”.

And yet many of the people inside the businesses - on the ground - often don't have the necessary linguistic skills and cultural understanding to deal with the challenge of doing business in Turkey, which is considered to be a "high context culture"

The project will deliver comprehensive eLearning materials online and on the appstores (android and iOS). Central to this whole project is the portal which acts as a informtation site and hosts the online eLearning materials.

The website is available in four different languages and has five admin accounts (with editors of varying computer literacy!). Concrete5 was an ideal solution to meet our needs.

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