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I wanted to build a website for my band (myspace pages can only take you so far). I wanted the site to be on the zany side, to reflect our music and personality. Many custom blocks were built so that all members of the band (even the non-technically-oriented ones) can maintain it.

Some features include:

* A flash "soundboard" that plays music files -- the flash code was built to use an XML file for settings and sound file locations, but I wanted to be able to administer it via the normal block interface so I created a single page that outputs XML based on the contents of the block's database records.

* An image carousel that uses a custom page_list template and integrates the jCarouselLite jQuery plugin.

* A lightweight blog that is administered the "C5 way" -- inline on the site pages themselves (as opposed to a separate dashboard page). Utilizes a custom template for the page_list block that retrieves the actual content of each blog post.

* Inline song players that are also accessible to non-flash devices (works great on iPhones).

* Custom mailing list signup form.

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