Georgetown Bowl

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A local bowling alley needed their site re-designed, so they selected us to do it for them. They had previously had bad experiences with web design agency, as they were spending way too long on the project which was getting no where.

We came in and showed them Concrete! Needless to say, they were sold immediately! We showed them our themes (Retro Tracks), but they needed it to be mobile-friendly. So, we took the look of our Retro Tracks theme and mixed it with our FlexCRETE: Masonry (responsive) theme.

We also used the Items Calendar add-on for their event calenadar. The client is pleased with how easy it is to use!

Now, they have a mobile-friendly website! They are pleased with the work that we did, including the high-end graphics. They are also pleased with how easy it is to manage with Concrete!

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Items Calendar

easily create calendars for news, events, outings, parties, scheduling, appointments


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