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Luca Savazzi is an actor, singer and presenter. We proudly present the website we created for him.

Add-Ons & Themes


A clean business theme. Versatile, responsive & lovely.


Stack Planner

Stack Planner lets you decide when specific stacks are shown on your website. Keep your website dynamic and up-to-date by planning ahead of time!


Stack PopOver

Stack PopOver is a great way to show stacks in a pop-over window. From 'login' functionalities to using it as an awesome marketing tool on your website.


Stack Infinity

Stack Infinity is the solution to randomly show stacks from your stack list on your website. Keep your website fresh, dynamic and interesting by adding random video’s, images and other content.


BannerMagic for Instagram

Create cool Instagram banners and badges on your website with fun layer options such as colors and mouse over effects!