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Lyfjabergt Spiritual Holistic Centre

We started back in year 2012 the creation of a center meant to deepen the path of truth and transcendence in the midst of Sweden nature. A place where true calm and silence can be found, a place to grow, hike, meditate and study, a place of reunion, of inner work, contemplation and much more.

This is all achieved through the work for integration of our whole Self: Cleanse and Health of our body, Purification, harmony and training of our minds and elevation of our Spirit.

Lyfjabergt is the Guru´s home (Guru means "the one who imparts wisdom and takes ignorance away").

It is a very beautiful place, away from the world´s worries and environmental aggressions, a place where to seek spiritual shelter and internal growth.

We currently have a large room for meditation, located on the banks of a creek, continually getting the Chi that the waterfall produces which helps vitalize the practices of meditation, contemplation, Chikung and other martial arts.

On the ground floor there is the meeting place for classes with kitchen and a bathroom.

There are many ample places to stroll and plenty of forest where to meditate or simply enjoy the beautiful Swedish forest.

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