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NIGHTYNIGHT Media is an independent music news, review, and opinion site that a friend and I put together as a side project in March of 2014. My friend has an English degree and does a lot of writing, and we both share a passion for music, so it made sense to team up and get a site online. We post music from pretty much any genre imagineable and are open to requests for new music. We are also hoping to provide a lot of coverage for our local music scenes.

As far as implementation details, the site is a pretty straight-forward concrete5 blog. I used the excellent Best Suite Core add-on for managing posts and also used the Best Suite Expansion Kit to wrap the page manager portion of the site up in a package. I also used Oembed so that we can embed YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp widgets in our posts by simply pasting the URL in the content. My complements go out to hereNT for creating such a great suite of add-ons. They worked perfectly for our needs and I think they would be great for anyone doing a blog in concrete5.

Everything custom on the site is installed through a package I created. This includes top-level pages, page types, user and page attributes, themes, blocks, etc. To make my package controller cleaner I created a base package controller which is available as a Gist on Github. 

Aside from the Best Suite packages and my custom package, I used mkly's Maintenance Editor so that I could work on getting content posted to the live site while allowing public users to see a "Coming Soon" page.

At the time of writing, the website is hosted on webfaction and I'm really happy with the current performance. The site feels very snappy and I have to say that overall webfaction has been an awesome host. 

Add-Ons & Themes


Oembed allows you to embed youtube, vimeo, flickr and many other types of content directly in your content and page lists.


Best Suite - Core

Add blog style search/edit/list pages in the dashboard that link to composer.