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Technics discontinued making musical instruments in around 2003, leaving the industry at the top of their game.

With well over a million instruments having been made and sold worldwide there are few resources available for these fantastic keyboards, organs, pianos, synthesizers and digital ensembles, which are much-loved by owners and still well sought-after decades later.

The websites have manuals, Styles, Sounds, Articles and other information that are vital for owners of the instruments. Content is expanded regularly and the websites' membership continues to grow rapidly as people find us. We're very pleased to be right at the top of Google for our main keywords.

Unified Membership

A key strategy for supporting so many instruments, with thousands of downloads being available for different instruments, is the division of the Concrete5 installation into several websites using Mainio's Multiple Domains Addon.

This allows us to maintain several websites efficiently, from a single C5 installation. Members can move seamlessly between several websites set up on domains and subdomains, to help navigation make sense and allow members to find the resources that are particular to their instrument easily.

Navigation is easily adjusted and several experiments are ongoing, in order to improve the users experience as far as possible. Using page aliases we're able to include content that is suitable for several different instruments in relevant areas.


The core team's Discussion Forums are an important aspect of the sites, so that Members can interact and help each other. Flexibility to incorporate this addon in many ways, into lots of sections of the site, promotes members to participate, which helps with search engine visibility and helps the websites to have a 'live' feel.


The Blog gains us many visitors and is currently under-utilised due to time constraints (I'm only one person, administering tens of thousands of files on thousands of pages), The Problog Addon is extremely robust and easy to use, we'll be leveraging that more in the future. For now, automated posting to Twitter and Facebook is a great feature as is the ability for people to add comments to the Blogs.

Integration of embedly with this addon has given the unexpected spinoff that we can link to all sorts of content on Youtube and Soundhound (amongst others) on any page that has a link to the Blog!


Hundreds of Stacks help to ease the administration of the websites, so that pages are more easily maintained. These are also used for menu structures and pay per click advertising, which is an essential component in covering running costs.

Notably, we've introduced a paid tier of Membership this year using the Lerteco Membership Commerce addon. This was integrated quickly and easily and there hasn't been a single issue raised by Members, all is working smoothly.

Special Features

Many addons are used on the sites and of special mention are JTFs addons. Magic Data and many other addons that work with it are important to the automation of the website, such as the automatic publishing of lists of Technics instrument Manuals by simply including them in a Set and using Universal Content Puller to keep the list up to date.

A web APP has been built to allow members to search for Styles and Songs data for their instruments using the Easy Tables addon. Also in use for listing Specifications of Technics instruments this is an incredible addon that has many, many uses!


Despite running on a single installation, the sites use multiple themes thans to the Multiple Domains addon. Most of the themes come from C5mix and with a little adjustment suit our needs perfectly.

Time does not allow to list all of the addons in use but thanks to the amazing resources and the community spirit alive on the C5 site we've built a sophisticated set of websites that are able to support thousands of members with minimal programming knowledge!

There's much left to do with these websites but the C5 base gives confidence that anything can be achieved with a little effort.

For the best Technics Instruments information on the web, visit our multiple unified websites on a single C5 installation: - Information for the KN7000 Keyboard - Technology site for the KN7000 Keyboard - For ALL Technics Keyboards - Gunnar Jonny's Technics Keyboards WebSite - Web APP for Technics Keyboards - WSA1 Synthesiser website - Technics Keyboards Software - Technics Keyboards Guides, Manuals, Books and Information

Add-Ons & Themes

Discussion Forums

Add a complete and polished discussion forums system to your website.


ProBlog - Professional Blog

Pro Blogging features for your Concrete5 website. Add multiple blogs and authors to your Concrete5 website. Brought to you by



A clean, minimal, responsive, and mobile-friendly HTML5 theme with lots of features.


Paypal Pro Buttons

Add Paypal add to cart buttons to your website with product options and price modification.



A magazine style theme with a mobile-friendly design.


Dashboard Maximizer

Set your Dashboard pages free! This add-on injects some fluid-friendly CSS into your Dashboard pages to enable better use of screen real-estate on larger, high-resolution monitors.


Front End List Magic (c5.6)

Add animated pagination to page, file and image lists. Also add selection and sorting of the list right on the page.


Magic Data (c5.6)

Personalise and enhance your website by utilising and adapting to the data behind it.


Black Knight

Modern, single-scroll, all-in-1 fully responsive design with silky smooth charcoal colours.


Easy Tables

Use your favourite spreadsheet program to export your data as CSV, then load the data into a fully customizable table that can be filtered, sorted and paginated. No HTML knowledge required!


Lerteco Membership Commerce

Sell product subscriptions to place purchaser in c5 groups. Distribute software, courses, webcasts, manage club membership, etc.


File List Pro

List files from a set, with search and filter options.


Uber List (c5.6)

List anything - pages, users, file, products, form results, csv data. Format it how you want. The ultimately flexible list block!