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"Yokoso" means "Welcome" in Japanese. The main purpose of YokosoNews is to attract people to come to Japan to travel, work or study. YokosoNews is "trendy" social media. We are looking for volunteer writers all the time.

I've been running a couple media sites for 8 years. I first met an open source CMS, Joomla, 5 years ago. But I was not 100% happy with the result.

When I was about to start YokosoNews.com in 2008, I was looking for the alternative. And then, concrete5 came to my rader.

concrete5 is perfect CMS for large scale news and media websites, which requires enterprise level permission and design flexibility.

Joomla or WordPress won't let you customize the design easilly. But concrete5 page types gives you the complete freedom.

YokosoNews.com currently has over 20 page types with 4 basic designs - Home, Section, Article and Live channel. WordPress and Joomla cannot provide this freedom!

Permission models gave me the flexibility of the permission. For example, I created dozen of groups such as "Writer", "Marketing", "Editor" and etc.

"Marketing" user can only change the advertisement. "Editor" has all freedom to change... but not the user comment section. "Writer" users can only submit the articles.

At last, as we are social media, and some of our writers are not computer savvy, the intuitive interface saves us the training time and cost of writers.

We just launched April 2010. And we are slowly but steadily growing.

YokosoNews is looking forward to growing together with concrete5 community.

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