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The site is a sub-site of the website which provides important safety information to boaters of all ages about what type of lifejacket is required for what conditions and what age groups.

The main website was too complicated to be fully utilised on a mobile phone browser so a mobile-friendly version was created. Using the Mobile App theme from we were able to create a cut-down version of the main site with just the important relevant information available to people on the move.

The mobile-friendly site is auto-activated whenever a user browses to the main site using a mobile device. This is done using the .htaccess file on the main site.

With complex legislation which required specific lifejacket types for specific vessel, waterways and age groups the safety message needed to be simple and easy to follow.

The Mobile App theme allowed us to create a phone-app style site that works across all phone devices and looks and behaves like an app.

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Mobile App

A fully featured mobile web app theme to replicate the look and performance of a native iPhone app.