Scottish Law Commission

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The website details the work of the Commission, a respected law reform body formed by the Law Commissions Act 1965, making it one of the oldest in the world. The site describes its history, its functions and methods and the incumbent Commissioners and other staff who work there.  The site also catalogues the Commission's library of past publications (around 400) including scanned PDF versions of older, out-of-print publications. It also displays news about the progress of Commission law reform projects and other news relevant to law reform in Scotland.

Migration to concrete5 will allow site editing by less technically-inclined staff which is useful in a very small organisation such as the Commission (~25 people), where the budget does not allow the employment of a full-time web editor or technical administrator. The simplicity of editing pages in concrete5 was the principle reason we chose it; following on from a demonstration of a competitor's open source CMS which had similar WYSIWYG editing (but which turned out to be unnecessarily difficult to get running, even as a demo), we went in search of another CMS with simple editing capabilities, and C5 fit the bill.

Future: shortly we will begin migrating our intranet into our main website, making use of concrete5's powerful permissions model to allow employees to access a restricted area of the website.

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