Town of Jackson, Wyoming

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“We wanted a site that would perform like an app on mobile devices and feel natural on a large desktop screen, all in one seamless experience.” Palazzolo added, “This design delivers a truly platform and device-agnostic solution without the ongoing costs of app development across those same proprietary environments.” According to Palazzolo and Wright, Focus43 “hit the nail on the head” with their design."

Focus43 delivered a simplified, mobile friendly design built with Concrete5 that gave them better content control with editor/contributor workflow management. We deployed the site on Pagodabox to eliminate the need for an expensive hardware replacement and maintenance burden.

The most important aspect of the project was redesigning the site to accommodate mobile and tablet visitors. Jackson also needed its site to reflect a quality and provide functionality that was on par with other premier resort destination municipalities. 

The Town also needed an easier way to manage content and they needed to migrate off an aging local server. For the CMS, we used Concrete5 because it is open source (a requirement of the project) and easy to use for non-programmers. To solve the hosting challenge, we used's distributed hosting service. This was a responsible spending solution for the Town because it provided scalable hosting that didn’t require a hardware upgrade or additional attention from the IT department.