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Transformation Through Christ's Love & Care

We believe that Jesus passionately desires every person to be transformed through experiencing his love and care.

Our calling is to make this a reality through our work of listening, healing and reconciliation.

Our UK regional teams are working with local community projects such as Street Pastors, GP Surgery and Hospital Chaplaincy Teams, a host of Church cafes, drop-ins and outreaches. We provide listening training which powerfully enhances and improves their ministry. We teach and train church groups in the ministry of healing. We bring reconciliation resources to churches which are experiencing breakdown of relationships so that they can recover their calling to serve their communities. As such we are in the forefront of improving the quality of community life and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ on the High Street.

  • We are pioneering new and exciting links between Christian healing ministry and health care professionals.
  • We are in partnership with several NHS Hospital Trusts, training Chaplaincy teams in the principles of Christian whole care of patients.
  • We are in dozens of UK secondary schools, training young people to listen better to one another and so to combat issues such as truancy and bullying.
  • We are training hundreds of clergy and lay people every year across the major denominations to listen better and so to become a more compassionate and effective force for healing in our broken society.
  • We are also in desperately broken places such as Rwanda and Burundi helping genocide survivors and those dying from Aids.

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