American Board of Prosthodontics

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The mission of the American Board of Prosthodontics is to certify individuals who have demonstrated special knowledge and skills in prosthodontics.  They desired a website redesign that would provide them with content management capabilities and allow greater flexibility for communicating information to members. They were primarily interested in a mobile-friendly website where members could access important data and the public could learn more about board certification.

The redesigned American Board of Prosthodontics website incorporates a specialized block designer module, allowing for a multitude of page types and modern design elements. The new site also features an examination calendar where candidates can access a listing of upcoming exams.A robust member directory features contact information for all of the ABP Certified Prosthodontists. The general public is able to access this directory in order to see if their particular doctor is board certified. Users can search by name or location using a set of streamlined dropdown menus.

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Block Designer

Design your own content blocks within a few clicks. Designing blocks was never easier nor faster! Currently with 17 available field types.