Clinica Family Health Services

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Clinica needed a design refresh of their website, a more efficient way to update content, and a less expensive yet more flexible hosting solution.

Focus43 delivered a warm, mobile friendly design built on Concrete5 that gave them better content control with editor/contributor workflow management, and a faster site deployed on Pagodabox to handle traffic spikes while at the same time keeping cost down.

Clinica came to Focus43 with several needs:

  • An aesthetic refresh.
  • A mobile friendly implementation.
  • A way to enable departmental content owners to make changes themselves while restricting access to certain areas of the site to specific people.
  • A highly secure environment to house sensitive employee and patient data, accept credit card payments.
  • The ability to keep hosting costs down but also handle large but infrequent traffic spikes.

After meeting with the various project stakeholders about their pain points and concerns, Focus43 proposed a project scope to provide the functionality they needed without an irresponsible budget for a non-profit organization.

  • Focus43 delivered a site design with a cozy, inviting feel, warm colors and large, people-centric imagery. We kept the text to a minimum, which allowed us to deliver a visitor experience that worked well for a desktop or tablet. For smartphone visitors we scaled back the home page even more to just deliver main navigation and important text content.
  • To answer the challenge of content management, we built the site on top of the Concrete5. Concrete5 provided Clinica with the ability to allow low level content providers with the ability to create new pages from page templates we built that reduced the possibility of jeopardizing the site design through inadvertent "tweaking." Concrete5's built in work-flow system also provided a review process so site administrators could approve content changes before allowing them to go live on the site.
  • Clinica's final major challenge was finding an affordable hosting solution to meet their security and scalability needs. Hosting with Pagodabox was the answer. They offered everything Clinica needed in terms of security, faster performance, favorable pricing, and great technical support.