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This is my first Concrete5 site and I have to say I'm very happy with the flexibility of the CMS.  Since my experience with this site I've developed a few other sites and am generally urging my clients to choose C5, as I think it's a wonderful tool for development and probably the most straight-forward CMS I can offer my clients.  They seem to love how easy it is to edit content and this has benefitted me greatly in the referrals I've gotten from them.  I do think C5 has a bright future indeed!

Add-Ons & Themes


Add a Twitter feed anywhere on your website


ProBlog - Professional Blog

Pro Blogging features for your Concrete5 website. Add multiple blogs and authors to your Concrete5 website. Brought to you by


Plus Sign Nav

An autonav template with expand collaps plus sign/minus sign


Natural - Concrete

This is a beautiful and simple HTML5 theme with several special blocks and a mobile stylesheet!


Popup Pro

Display text, photos, video, Flash and more in a flexible popup overlay.


Pixo Form Templates

Installs table-less, responsive form templates for the concrete5 form block including putting labels inside of form fields.


Auto-Nav Pro

An advanced, responsive, multi level auto-nav with optional search, editable colors, ability to add icons or images from the file manager and more.