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The Exco InTouch Website - The Challenge

Exco InTouch is the most experienced provider of mobile communication solutions for Patient Recruitment, Retention, Compliance, eDiary and Post Marketing studies. We designed and built www.excointouch.com using Concrete as the CMS system. Exco needed robust, easy to use CMS system that could be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world and from within the latest browsers.


Because of the nature and sensitivity of the content the Exco deals with, making quick up-to-the-second changes to the site was one of the main areas we had to provide. Being able to assign other users as contributors but still be able to approve what they had edited/created was a huge requirement. Exco also needed the site to be expandable when new products and solutions were created.



Dojo Design Studio selected Concrete for Exco's CMS system as its many features and expandability were second to none. Dojo has already developed several sites using concrete because it’s solid, scalable and easy to use. Not one client has complained about Concrete. In fact they all rave about it.


Why we love concrete5

Concrete makes sophisticated web development easy for creative design companies like us who don't want to get too bogged down with the development side of things. We ONLY use Concrete as the CMS system for our websites. The only time we don't use Concrete is if a client has a specific back end system they need to use.


Concrete5 makes our life easier as our clients can now take the reins of their own website. We have more time to 'design' and 'create' and don't have to spend hours training someone in a complicated CMS system.


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