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Little Dish came to TM Designs as a development partner with its ready made Concrete5 site. Since 2018 TM Designs has worked on improving various functionalities on the site and pushing forward with the needs of the company. 

The orginal site was dual language. This site was broken out into two different sites to work independantly for the US and UK side of the market as each need its own informational structure and functionality.

The UK site had a complete face lift and reorganisation in late 2020. With its design drawing from its new packaging. TM Designs was used to impliment this new design from sketch files. All new blocks we created with others updated to handle the new layouts and functionality.

With a quick turn around the whole project was deilvered on time and with much celebration.

Add-Ons & Themes

Block Designer

Design your own content blocks within a few clicks. Designing blocks was never easier nor faster! Currently with 17 available field types.


Block Designer Pro

This Pro Add-On will continue to have field types added (also upon request), to be used by Block Designer (base). Create even more awesome blocks with concrete5


Cookies Notice

Customizable notifications of users for anything, including the use of cookies (The Cookie Law Explained).