Live RUH - Spiritual Coaching

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Live RUH is a spiritual healing and coaching website that relies on a network of certified coaches to provide guidance to members. User experience was on top of their list.


The system they needed had to fulfill several requirements:


  1. Be totally Ajax based to provide a seamless experience
  2. Allow in-page editing of answers to questions
  3. Allow the automatic matching of coach to student based on a round-robin principle
  4. Allow an unlimited number of worksheets per students with a creation and selection screen
  5. Allow the easy creation and management of new teaching pages by administrators
  6. It had to play nice with existing off-the-shelf apps already in place


The final product is a totally custom application that does all that and more. It is also lightweight and fully responsive and will work on any mobile or desktop device.


I also recommended Stripe as a payment processor instead of Paypal. With its transparent no surprise fees and great flexibility, it turned out to be a winner.

It also greatly improved user experience with users staying on site for the whole payment process.

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