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Our work on this project was limited to the 'nuts and bolts' and back end - taking html mock-ups and a PDF full of screen shots of page mock-ups and turning them into a fully interactive website.
To that end, this is what we ended up creating in a 3 week time frame:

  1. A Pop-Up Video Blockthat allows the user to add Flowplayer, Youtube or Vimeo videos in a nice format.  This block is currently undergoing some revisions to make it suitable for the marketplace and will be hopefully be released soon.
  2. Custom News Module - We ported an add-on from our own custom CMS to work with concrete5.  It is still a ways away from being something that is marketplace ready, but it will work excellent for many of our own internal sites.  The module features a dashboard page for adding news items with a Headline, Byline, Short and Long story, Date and Tags.  You can also choose an image to add as a thumbnail from the file manager.
  3. Custom events module - An expansion of the news module to display a simple events page with filtering by location instead of tags.  Events do not have a detail page, but they do allow a start and an end time.  We did not build in support for recurring events but did put in an option for all day events.
  4. Custom Gallery Block - a text and images cycler with manual start/stop and auto play.  You can choose to show the same text for all images, or enter two titles and a longer paragraph text for each image.  We coded the javascript for the cycling from scratch, it allows auto play which is stopped when the end-user clicks on one of the navigation buttons, then allows forward and back navigation with the buttons.
  5. Expanding Bio Block - this is another one that we may work on and release out into the marketplace.  We had begun work on it on another site, and it worked really well to use it for Welcyon.  It allows for name and title, preview text and an expanded block of text, plus a thumbnail.  You can choose to display email, phone, or a link to download a v-card after the expanded text.  We're thinking of expanding this to allow you to show user attributes instead of just hard-coded options for the options shown after the expanded text if this goes to the marketplace.
  6. We also made several custom blocks with the newDesigner Content add-on.  It's a fair bet that we wouldn't have hit our deadline without using this add-on to auto-generate out block scaffolds which we could then expand into fuller blocks that did exactly what we needed.  These are what we made:
    • Address - Display Title, Address, Phone and Email with optional link to a map page.  This also adds in a link anchor on the locations page, making it easy to link to maps for individual locations from the rest of the site.  We actually use this in the Events module with an auto-complete field to allow easy linking back to the locations page for each event that they list.
    • Callout - This is a highly configurable block for the sidebars that really makes the site pop.  There are eight different custom templates, allowing for images, text, large blocks with solid text background, etc.  The options in the edit interface are Title, Image, Caption and a formatted link after the text.
    • News Room Item - displays Title and Content with a PDF download or popup video (same options as in the main popup video block), or a link to another website or an internal page.
  7. Two custom contact forms, using the external forms block to collect information and email the results.  The to and from addresses are stored as config variables and we've installed hereNT's Config Variables add-on to allow easy updating from the dashboard, so our end client doesn't need to know code in order to update the person these are sent to in the future.  Using the concrete5 built-in form widgets made form validation simple and easy - having the options stay filled in on form submission meant we could use PHP in the block's controller to validate the form rather than writing a javascript solution.
  8. There were also several block custom templates - there is almost nowhere in the site where we display a block without a custom template.
    • Autonav - 2
    • Google Map - 4
    • Image - 12
  9. Custom secondary login page for members only section - created but not yet implemented.  There will be a second phase of deployment once they are able to open franchise locations in other states.

All in all we're really happy with how everything in this site came together, and it really shows what you can do in an extremely quick turn time with concrete5.

Add-Ons & Themes

Vimeo Block

Embeds a Vimeo video player in your site.


Herent Config Pages

Allows the site administrator to edit any config variable in your site from the dashboard.


Flowplayer Free

Free Flowplayer add-on for concrete5. Supports FLV, MP4, H.264.


Designer Content

A tool for designers to create custom block types, thus making it easy for users to edit visually complex content.