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The Ecumenical Center offers professional help and hope in a caring atmosphere. Our counselors and educators recognize that the body, mind and spirit are interrelated.  They are people of personal faith with an openness and understanding of other faith expressions, trained to incorporate, when requested, the understandings and traditions of the client’s individual beliefs in the growing and healing process.

Services provided include:

  • Counseling for children, adults and families.
  • Training for clergy, religious workers and healthcare professionals.
  • Community based educational programs.

The center provides counseling to children, adults and families. Fee adjustments are available based on personal financial need and available funding. Many of our educational programs, counseling training and consultation services are underwritten in whole or part by generous businesses, organizations and ministries.


We are an ecumenical force for hope, dedicated to alleviating suffering and facilitating spiritual, physical and emotional healing and growth for our community and God’s World through services of counseling, education and consultation.

Our Role in the Community

We opened our doors in 1967 and serve as a catalyst bringing together community leaders in the research, education, medical and mental health professions.

We serve:

  • people as they seek to find release from depression, anger and a variety of issues that can disrupt lives and families;
  • healers from our health community as they provide care in a chaotic and changing world;
  • business and religious leaders as they seek to create a more prosperous, healthy, just and loving community; and
  • students being shaped and molded as they gain a greater appreciation for the gifts with which God has blessed them and earnestly seek new understandings and new ways of utilizing those gifts on behalf of others;

Our History

The vision of Episcopal Bishop Everett Holland Jones, Rabbi David Jacobson, Methodist Bishop Eugene Slater, Archbishop Robert Lucey and others, the Ecumenical Center was created as a first line of defense in the ever-increasing fracturing of our lives under the stresses of continuous cultural change.  It is as relevant today as it was back in 1967 as we continue to be a visible, physical presence in the midst of the growing medical complex that would embody and promote the vital integration of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in health and wholeness.

The Center has had three executive directors over its thirty-five year history: Rev. Frank Bockus, Ph.D. from 1968-1971, Rev. Donald L. Anderson, Ph.D., from 1972 -1997, and Rev. Paul Parks, D.Min, from 1998 to present.

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