4WD Muster

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This site was created for the inaugural 4WD Muster in 2012. The (now annual) event is for 4WD enthusiasts from around Australia (predominantly from Victoria) to gather and share their love of 4WD'ing, camp, share a yarn, grab a bargain from the Sponsors/Exhibitors, listen to great music, and raise money for Variety-the children's charity.

The site was originally built on Concrete5 version 5.4, upgraded through 5.5 to current version of

The site is based on the theme Dreamy but has had heavy modification of most PHP files, the CSS significantly and most of the imagery.

Several add-ons were tested through the process of developing this site, however for viewing of photos we chose the Simple Image Gallery. It is a great implementation of a lightbox gallery for file sets that is easy to use.

(I neglected to take a screenshot of the live site for the 2012 event, so the main image is the home page in the lead up to the 2013 event)

Add-Ons & Themes


A dreamy, white and blue theme