American Museum of Tort Law

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The American Museum of Tort Law is a new museum that seeks to increase citizen understanding of Tort Law. Pay attention. It gets interesting. The first challenge the website had to overcome was explaining Tort Law. It's the law of wrongful injury. Yes, you can have a coffee break but be careful.

The second challenge was to make this exciting. Thankfully, tort law is full of bizarre cases such as the Flaming Rat (United Novelty Co. Inc. v. Daniels.), familar ones (the McDonald's hot coffee case) and sad ones (the Dalkon shield). The website presents this information in an interesting and informative way to educate the public about their rights.

Concrete 5.7 was chosen as the CMS because it's not going to cause an unlawful injury and it cuts development time in half compared to other CMS's. The 5.7 branch of Concrete5 is faster and easy for non-technical users to update the site. The museum staff is very exicted to start adding content about corporate spying, spying on Jackie O, and other non spying related material.

It's not exactly the Baseball Hall of Fame but it's better than the museum of actuarial tables and statistics.

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