GracePoint Presbyterian Church

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Our old site, while it served us well, was hand-coded and not mobile-responsive. It required specialised HTML and CSS and Javascript knowledge, which limited the ability for staff to quickly make direct changes.

With so many newcomers accessing the website via their mobile phones, and a growing team of non-technical content creators, it made sense to revamp the entire site with something mobile-friendly, scaleable, and maintainable.

Concrete5 provided the total package: WYSIWYG, easy to use, stable, and brimming with features.

We used Pixel2 as our theme, because of it's completeness and excellent support from the theme author. Using this framework, we created the pages we needed, and transistioned the site over 2 days and went live.

Over the next month, with some quick training, staff began adding and modifying the pages directly to their requirements.

When a request came through to add a "News" section, it only took a couple of hours to add this new feature request using the Concrete5 "blog" feature. This shows how adaptable Concrete5 is, and how easy and safe it is to makie large changes to a live website.

Concrete5's SEO capabilities helped us to increase Search ranking naturally, and make the site navigable directly from within search engines - with no extra effort than to fill in the description of each page.

Add-Ons & Themes

Pixel 2

Responsive multipurpose theme for Concrete5 from Whale