NJS (Nurmijärven Jalkapalloseura

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This Finnish site is based on fully fluent own layout. Most pages are made on the basis of Matthew James Taylor's marvellous multi-column liquid layouts. The front page has four columns.

There are over twenty teams in this soccer club. Every team have access to their own pages. They can add blocks, stories, pictures, ads and a secondary navigation, if they wish. Pictures are handled by Image Cropper (thanks jordanlev!!!) and table information is handled by CSV Displayer (thanks smartwebprojects!!!).

The aim is to provide teams an easy way to upgrade and maintain their own information. The site has detailed instructions for an ordinary layman, who need to edit a web page.

The soccer club is also using concrete5' forms for gathering player information. 

The site project was planned and engineered by JL-types Ky (www.jltypes.com).


Add-Ons & Themes

Zoom Image

A smooth effect for zooming in on a single image.