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Truly a talent network, Reservoir T has the mission to provide a place where artists, established and emerging, can connect, share, and above all, build partnerships for future collaborations. Aside from offering a space to present portfolios, Reservoir T’s vocation is to showcase all the people involved in a creative project, notably with the use of a tagging tool. It believes in talent synergy and all the brilliant art coming out of it.

Reservoir T is an initiative of Jean-Pierre Serra, a multimedia entrepreneur since 2004. Always looking out for innovative projects, Écorce Atelier Créatif was given the mandate to elaborate the website, from design to finish. Online since January 7th 2011, Reservoir T already has more than 500 members.


  • Bilingual site (French and English)
  • Integration of Facebook Connect
  • Administrators can manage featured projects, talent roles, blog entries and advertisements on the site.
  • Blog and Advertisement Addons are used on the site.

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