Royal Gunpowder Mills

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The Royal Gunpowder Mills is a great place for families to spend days out exploring the secret history of gunpowder, explosives and rocket propellants through our engaging interactive Exhibitions, Science Shows and Children's Activities.

The Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Mills were one of the first examples in the 18th century of an industrialised factory system, not often recognised. In 1735 they were described by Thomas Fuller, a local historian, as "the largest and compleatest works in Great Britain" and in the 1860s by Colonel George Rains as the "best existing steam powered mills in any country". The Royal Gunpowder Mills certainly boast an illustrious past.In operation for over 300 years, there was never a challenge the Royal Gunpowder Mills could not rise to in the development of gunpowder and explosives. Its superior production methods and high quality results earned it a reputation on an international level and played a significant part in the rise of Great Britain as an international power.

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