Sport Nottinghamshire

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BinaryFold4 developed a successful, engaging, fully featured website that helps to position Sport Nottinghamshire as the one-stop-shop for information on sport and active pursuits within Nottinghamshire.

The website is responsive and adapts to different screen resolutions and devices. It features a custom Activity/Club/Event database and search facility built in Concrete5 with a full admin dashboard for ease of editing.

Add-Ons & Themes

RSS Feed Creator

Create and configure rich-text feeds for your site, with clean URLs


Designer Content

A tool for designers to create custom block types, thus making it easy for users to edit visually complex content.



A block that allows you to add flickr photos to your website and display them in a lightbox. Flickrcrete is free for personal use.


A to Z Pagelist

A custom template for the pagelist block that creates a list per letter, A to Z.