Spring church of Christ

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The Spring church of Christ web site utilizes a modern look thanks to full page imagery, sleek fonts, and bold navigation.

It seeks to resemble the way a mobile phone app feels when viewed by a smart phone. Utilizing smooth swipe gestures and off-canvas menus to aid visitors in navigating the site freely.

Combined with AJAX loading it allows users to sift through vast amounts of content effortlessly, smoothly, and quickly.

The site utilizes a custom theme that seeks to give enhanced flexibility while maximizing content effectiveness.

Add-Ons & Themes

Simple PHP block

Provides a minimalistic PHP block based on standard HTML block


Discussion Forums

Add a complete and polished discussion forums system to your website.



Add internal notes to your pages


Ajax Form

Allows the form block to submit without reloading the page.


Awesome Table

Turns a boring HTML table into a searchable, sortable paginated table instantly. It's magic!



VerseLink automatically overlays scripture to the verse references within your site.


Formigo Directions

A Google Map with directions, custom image markers and responsive capability


Background Image

Simply sets the background for the body of the site or a specific element across all pages. Managed via dashboard page.


Extreme Clean (c5.6)

Extreme cleanup to remove all old page versions, truncate logs and page statistics.