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This is the sixth incarnation of my photography website that was first introduced on the internet in 2001.

Until 2011 all websites I build and maintained were handcoded using HTML and CSS. This site is different because I recently started to use Concrete5. At first I used it for sites that should be easy to maintain by people that didn't have any knowledge of HTML and CSS coding. 

But I've become to like this CMS a lot so I used it for this site as well.

I wanted to build a very clean looking site. To accomplish this, I made a costum template called 'functional' that still has some roots in David Reeder's Fluidity template that can be found in the marketplace. I might bring a version to the marketplace in the near future.

Although I use the theme for my photography portfolio, this theme can be used for other purposes as well.

You are invited to have a look at the site.

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