Frederic Kimmel

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Frederic Kimmel grew up in Alsace, France amongst meadows, fruit­trees and chickens. from early age he became interested in all the facets of the fashion industry.

He studied as a makeup artist in France, Germany and England and quickly became known in the industry as "The French Touch Guy". His clients and the models love him. Pretty soon Frederic was working with well­known photographers on large productions where he was able to travel the world.

Keeping true to his roots, France remains his source of inspiration. While at home in France Frederic is working on his idea of a Work Life balance program with bio­cosmetics. His life is exciting. He is in the most beautiful places of the world, with creative people and am always confronted with new challenges.

His vision is to create an active prevention with biological cosmetics. He would like to prove that organic ingredients are uncompromisingly compatible with glamour.