Philip Rose, PhD

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This was my first Concrete5 website.

The requirement was a scholarly website, based on the design of an existing website selected by the customer.

The theming and basic design was a breeze thanks to Concrete5 ease of use.

The owner can easily edit:

  1. Logo
  2. Main Site heading
  3. form
  4. Profile picture
  5. hvard/vcard content
  6. Links to social networks
  7. Any textual content

Most of the addons used were modified:

Fancy forms:

  1. Modification to allow an automatic numbering of the id used when calling fancybox, just in case we want more than one inline form on the same page.
  2. Modification to be able to reset the form after submitting a message so the user can send a second message without having to reload the page to reset the form

Social Icons:

  1. Modification to open the links in a new page, not in the same page
  2. Modification to be able to put the icons on the right or left side

Automatic Email Obfuscator:

  1. Writing of my own obfuscation scheme based on the vigenere cipher
  2. Modification of a few elements to make it a little more secure (pure paranoia actually)

Concrete5 Form builder:

In addition, as you can see on the screenshot, Concrete5 form builder was overridden to offer:

  1. Better validation (email)
  2. Custom fields (subject, name) to be able to use them to set up the related fields in the mail function


The autonav block was customized to allow:

  1. Different autonav in the header and the footer
  2. Adding one link based on a page name but linking to the fancybox not the page
  3. SEO related tags (robots, index, follow)

The addon Designer Content was heavily used to build different part of the website and allow easy customisation by the owner. I can't recommend that addon enough.

Many other things happened, too long to explain.

Finally, because the website is hosted on Godaddy, I had to deal with a few problems that in the end were solved.


Add-Ons & Themes

Social Icons

Social Icons allows you to list your social urls preformated with nice icons!


Fancy Forms Template

A bump-in 'Site Feedback' form template. Example code from a how-to on extending block behavior by using templates. Easily repurposed to put anything in a fancybox.


Designer Content

A tool for designers to create custom block types, thus making it easy for users to edit visually complex content.


Automatic Email Obfuscator

Automatically obfuscates all the e-mail addresses on your site to a form that most spambots cannot read.